Rise Interactive Announces Significant Expansion of Connex® Technology to Include Marketplaces and Retail Media Networks

Rise is one of agencies to integrate marketplaces data into cross-channel technology through Pacvue partnership.

Rise Interactive, one of the top performance marketing agencies in the world and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quad, an integrated marketing solutions provider featuring a singular integrated marketing platform, announced its plans to expand its proprietary media automation technology, Connex®, to support marketplaces and retail media networks including Walmart, Instacart, The Home Depot, eBay, Target, and others.

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“The retail media landscape has exploded in the past 12 months,” says Larry Fisher, CEO of Rise Interactive. “The ability to access and leverage audience and product data directly from retailers presents a huge opportunity for brand marketers to better understand and reach their customers. The volume of marketplaces also creates challenges for brands to measure which platforms and ad dollars are driving the most incremental growth for their business. Technology solutions like Pacvue are helping brands connect the dots of performance within the retail media ecosystem by unifying marketplaces data with recommended actions; now with that data in Connex, marketers can tap into a full cross-channel view of product or category-level insights across search, social, programmatic, and retail media.”

Amazon Advertising data has been integrated into Rise’s Connex technology for several years and has enabled Rise to help clients develop and execute strategies that maximize results across Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other channels at the product, category, and audience levels.

“The best way to avoid siloes is to never create them in the first place,” says Brent Laufenberg, Chief Technology Officer at Rise. “We hear from marketers the double-edged sword of today’s fragmented marketing ecosystem. More channels means more options to creatively connect with customers, but also more data sets and more noise. We intentionally built Connex to normalize, integrate, and analyze data from both existing and yet-to-be-developed advertising platforms—at scale and in real time—to find and act on performance opportunities for our clients as they arise within and across channels. As the advertising world continues to expand, so will Connex.”

“When Rise approached us about integrating Pacvue data into Connex, we saw this as a great opportunity to help tomorrow’s marketer stay at the forefront of retail media,” says Melissa Burdick, President of Pacvue. “Rise is a partner who has both the vision and the executional chops to help marketers get better results from their advertising efforts through integrated and real-time insights. Combined with Pacvue’s intelligent actions to grow share of voice, improve efficiency, and increase sales, the possibilities for marketers with this integration are exciting.”

“The pace of change in the marketing world is accelerating, and the most successful future marketers will be those that are acting on the most comprehensive and up-to-date data possible,” says Fisher. “Real-time advertising across channels is our north star and we will continue innovating our agency’s strategies and technology to get there.”

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