Square 9 Softworks®, a leading provider of award-winning process automation solutions, has announced the latest release of its Enterprise Content Management software, GlobalSearch. The newest version, GlobalSearch 6.1, extends its security model to include third-party Identity Management providers like Okta and Microsoft Azure AD. Plus, GlobalSearch 6.1 also includes enhancements to the GlobalSearch Permissions Manager.

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By reimagining security management, Square 9 is making it easier to create and administer user permissions. Still available is the popular approach of looking up permissions by user, but now also available in 6.1 is the option to view user privileges by object or group. GlobalSearch 6.1, through the new “Groups” feature, gives users the ability to easily provide a group of people or a specific department or team the same permissions, further simplifying security administration and saving users’ time.
“The evolution of digital transformation software is highly dynamic, especially with the even broader adoption we experienced over the last year,” stated Stephen Young, Square 9 President, and CEO. ” Our overarching objective is to allow our customers to store their information in the cloud with confidence while continuously working to simplify their implementation and user experience,” Young added.

Additional features in this release include an updated desktop client that can be used by both on-premise and cloud customers, extended inbox functionality and a reorganization of the GlobalSearch deployment standards for better adherence to Windows standards and to simplify implementations.

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