Thought Industries Appoints Brian Childs to Vice President Product Marketing to Help Shape Emerging Customer Learning Management Category

Thought Industries, the world’s #1 platform for customer learning management (CLM), today announced it has appointed Brian Childs to Vice President of Product Marketing. In his new role, the industry veteran will help organizations derive more value from their online customer learning programs, further fueling the evolution and adoption of the new category that blends learning, development and customer experience to drive measurable business impact.

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Childs brings more than 20 years of experience building vocational and customer learning programs for organizations at all levels of growth and across a myriad of industries. Brian will  build on this extensive experience in learning strategies to offer Thought Industries customers  new insights and best practices across a range of customer learning use cases. These insights will ensure the company is best positioned to help organizations maximize their ability to create better learning experiences for customers, partners and professional training organizations.

“Brian has a proven track record of developing customer learning programs, working closely with companies across industries to tailor innovative learning methods at every stage of the customer journey,” said David Downing, Thought Industries Chief Marketing Officer. “He’ll apply that keen insight and understanding of the customer in his new role, and will be critical in helping us develop new learning models that not only impact our customers’ businesses, but will lead the way in shaping the emerging CLM category.”

“I’m a long-time believer in the power of customer learning to increase retention and impact a business’s bottom line, because I’ve seen firsthand what effective learning programs can achieve,” Childs said. “As the world of education continues to move online, the importance of understanding how to use data to deliver and measure learning content will only become more pronounced. I’m excited to apply data-driven approaches to understanding how the market uses education tools so we can ensure we’re bringing the best and most effective learning insights to our customers.

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