Finally a Good Way for Influencers to Monetize: Owwll Launches On-Demand Expert Advice Platform

It’s no secret that new platforms have been emerging to help people make connections in the digital age. Apps like Clubhouse, Fireside, Cameo, and many more all provide a way for people to connect on different levels for different reasons. However, what’s been lacking across all of these platforms is direct, one on one access to experts for those who seek their wisdom, and for the experts, a direct, easy way to monetize their knowledge and audience.

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That’s where Owwll comes in.

Owwll is the newest platform to emerge in the business of making connections. It’s a tool that connects professionals and experts with people who are seeking advice in their area of expertise. Whether you need advice on a marketing campaign, get help on breaking into a new career, or just want to improve your well-being, Owwll makes it possible for you to connect with an expert in minutes through the push of a button. The platform was inspired by the founder, Jason Hill, and his mission to find a better way to connect individuals.

“I’ve always been a good connector, and I thought there has to be a better way to connect individuals. Being a podcaster, I have the ability to have the connection, listening and learning from them, but there is no access to that person for my audience, they’re left with questions that they can’t get answers to,” says Jason Hill.

He adds: “We learn so much from the podcasting process with being in that seat, so I asked, “why can’t the audience be in that hot seat?” I wanted to lead the way of connecting people, I wanted to scale myself. That’s how Owwll was born.”

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You can find the knowledge you’re looking for on Owwll, or you could be compensated for being that expert a person has been looking for. No more “picking your brain” for free. Owwll connects you from wherever you are, whenever you want, all through the power of a phone call.

Having acquired thousands of users in its beta stage, Owwll officially exited beta testing on June 7th and is now available for everyone.

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