Google Analytics Add-on’s Leads Relationship Management is the Key to Marketing Automation Success

This Update Will Provide Website Owners and Marketers Alike With Deeper Insights Into The Types Of Companies That Are Visiting Their Website.

The popular add-on to Google Analytics, designed by Fastbase, Inc., has just rolled out a major update allowing users to segment their website leads by industry. This update will provide website owners and marketers alike with deeper insights into the types of companies that are visiting their website. The new feature is especially important as CMOs discover the impact that lead segmentation and marketing automation have on bringing in revenue.

Fastbase, Inc.’s marketing automation and lead segmentation tool helps target the right audience at the right time with the most powerful messaging. With nearly 70% of businesses using a marketing automation platform (MAP), like Fastbase, Inc.’s Web Leads, and with 69% of the top performers in B2B using marketing automation for customer acquisition, it’s evident that these strategies work, and very well. In addition to industry, the Google Analytics add-on designed by Fastbase, Inc. also provides even more insights into a website’s leads, including information on the lead’s company address, phone number, website, employee contact details, and the web pages that are being viewed. With Fastbase, Inc.’s digital marketing tools, CMOs will be able to automate inbound marketing and sales prospecting activities from one central platform. Google Analytics users can sign up to access their lead database with just a click of a button, and within a few minutes will have free access to all the companies that have visited their site in the past three months.

Fastbase, Inc.’s standard Web Leads software allows users to analyze web traffic and provides never-before-seen lead information, including LinkedIn profiles and email addresses, all available for download to CSV and Excel formats.

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.