Stagwell (STGW) and Nexxen Partner to Accelerate Seamless Audience Discovery for Marketers

Stagwell and its customers to leverage Nexxen’s unified, proprietary data solutions within the Stagwell Marketing Cloud

Partnership aligns with Nexxen’s launch of the Nexxen Data Platform, an expansion of its propriety data management platform

Stagwell , the challenger network built to transform marketing, and Nexxen, a global advertising technology company comprising unified demand-side and supply-side platforms, with deep expertise in video and Connected TV (“CTV”), announced a partnership to offer an immersive suite of data solutions and integrated applications within the Stagwell Marketing Cloud, through which advertisers can gain a deeper understanding of consumers to enhance engagement and drive results.

The announcement comes as Nexxen launches the Nexxen Data Platform, building and expanding upon its proprietary data management platform. The platform provides an enriched ecosystem in which brands can securely and effectively input data of their choosing (first-party, contextual, second-party and more) to augment their audiences with Nexxen’s unique data assets and proprietary applications including contextual audience discovery tools. The availability of automatic content recognition (“ACR”) data through the platform enables advertisers to better understand viewability patterns and optimally allocate spend across linear and digital TV.

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Various capabilities of the partnership are made possible through Nexxen’s proprietary unified identity graph. The solution, which will be broadly accessible through the Nexxen Data Platform, will combine and deduplicate multiple identifiers into a merged graph to enable increased scale, frequency capping and better targeting and attribution at the person and household level. The unified graph will also help advertisers address changes in privacy and identity, including cookie deprecation.

“As Stagwell grows our assets and pipeline within the media ecosystem, this partnership with Nexxen is a win-win for clients,” said Mark Penn, chairman and CEO, Stagwell. “Clients of the Stagwell Marketing Cloud can leverage the Nexxen Data Platform, specifically Nexxen’s proprietary identity graph and Stagwell’s clean room capabilities, to effectively maximize their campaigns with unified and comprehensive views of valuable audiences across touchpoints and devices, in a privacy-compliant manner.”

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“Emerging technology like the Nexxen Data Platform is enriching advertisers’ knowledge of consumers and improving engagement, enabling a shift from exclusively buying media to buying against audiences, and it is driving better results,” said Ofer Druker, CEO, Nexxen. “Our important partnership with Stagwell brings advanced data solutions to top tier brands around the globe, and will grow in incremental layers of innovation and value as we put data at the core of Nexxen’s strategic roadmap.”

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