NFTs Making a Grand Entrance Into Australian Retail

AX Creative Agency

Australia’s first sneaker care shop is now introducing the first-ever NFT retail framework!

Australia’s first sneaker care shop is now introducing the first-ever NFT retail framework! Brands in the retail industry are always looking at ways to maximise growth and create a unique offering. The Sneaker Laundry (TSL) has discovered a new way to reinforce the strength of retail brands keeping up with ‘meta’ trends and expanding their market reach further than ever before. TSL is releasing 10,000 NFTs valued at 30 Polygon each (~100 AUD).

Instead of paying for services with cryptocurrency, people can purchase a digital ‘SNKR BADGE – loyalty card’. This doubles up like a coupon and grants them lifetime access to the SNKR VAULT Masterclass tutorials made from over 10 years of accrued knowledge restoring sneakers containing the best sneaker cleaning hacks. The web portal will pick up whether a person has the NFT in their wallet when trying to access the videos and each NFT will come with a number where the public can see online whether or not the coupon has been redeemed or not.

‘Yes, an actual silver ring’

Holding onto the NFT will automatically count as an entry in the draw to win 1 of 3 limited edition prizes including a legendary silver Sneaker Laundry ring (yes, an actual ring), a year’s worth of sneaker cleans, and more.

‘Changing the standard for brands’

NFT projects change the way we own digital assets and TSL is changing the way retailers interact with their community.

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Web3 brings alive the ownership of digital assets. Slowly becoming the next evolution of the internet, people can now own digital assets and take part in community giveaways, reap benefits and get exclusive access to brand offerings.

Many brands are creating NFTs, but they do so without reason. TSL is bringing the Blockchain fantasy to reality.

Due to NIKE and Adidas’ recent movements in the Blockchain space, we can see that sneakerheads and crypto enthusiasts share similar interests.

Most people who profited from crypto don’t want to cash out due to tax liabilities so they can use their crypto profits to purchase products and services which would have been bought regardless.


The future of crypto and digital assets in retail is limitless. What else could the Sneaker Laundry NFT be used for? A key to the metaverse?

NFTs are becoming a brilliant way to market products, services, and brands with over USD$22B spent in 2021, 2K22 will be a huge year for the Blockchain industry with many more innovative ideas to come.

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