Portada Announces New Insights Report for US Hispanic Engagement

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Portada Insights Reports Are Tools That Help Navigate Different Disciplines of Marketing for Both Brand Marketers and Marketing Service Suppliers. Portada’s New Report, ‘How Brands Engage U.S. Hispanics: New Segmentation Approaches’, Sheds Light on How Brand Marketers Can Better Reach This Multicultural Segment

Portada has released the results of ongoing research about how to engage U.S. Hispanic consumers in a new insights report titled How Brands Engage U.S. Hispanics: New Segmentation Approaches. This series of insights around the new Hispanic reality provides a fresh perspective on the media advertising expenditures reaching Latinos in the U.S.

Though Hispanics account for about 17% of the U.S. population, and in spite of their demonstrated buying power and high indexes of technological adoption, most companies still struggle to come up with appropriate multicultural marketing strategies. The need to implement new, more efficient segmentation approaches to engage and retain the U.S. Hispanic consumer is becoming more pressing.

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“As the United States get more diverse and more complex from a consumer behavior perspective it has become an imperative for brand marketers to develop new segmentation approaches to target multicultural consumers; particularly the U.S. Hispanic consumer. This Portada Insights report is an example of how our knowledge-sharing and networking platform, the Portada Council System, works oninnovative approaches for brands to engage consumers in the multicultural United States,” says Marcos Baer, president of Portada.

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The Portada Insights report How Brands Engage U.S. Hispanics: New Segmentation Approaches includes:

  • Thought Starters
  • Data reflecting the new Hispanic reality, including Hispanic-targeted English-language and Spanish-language media expenditures and forecasts based on research by Portada.
  • Challenges and opportunities in deriving new segmentation approaches as seen by brand marketers
  • Practical examples of why the changing identity features of Hispanics can be a major challenge for marketers
  • Solution Approaches

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