ThinkNow Launches First MarTech Multicultural Segmentation Tool to Enable Higher Advertising ROI

ThinkNow ConneKt and Knowy App Provide Real-Time Multicultural Consumer Insights

ThinkNow, a technology driven cultural insights agency, announces it has launched the first audience planning and segmentation tool focused exclusively on the multicultural market called ThinkNow ConneKt. The MarTech solution provides behavioral and psychographic data combining mobile intelligence, first-party data and panel profile insights to deliver a holistic view of multicultural consumers.

ThinkNow ConneKt provides behavioral and psychographic real-time data to deliver a holistic view of multicultural consumers.
ThinkNow ConneKt provides behavioral and psychographic real-time data to deliver a holistic view of multicultural consumers.

“ThinkNow ConneKt is the first tool to help digital marketers go beyond binary targeting efforts to connect with multicultural consumers in real-time to deliver higher ROI on their advertising investment,” says Mario X. Carrasco, co-founder and principal, ThinkNow.

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Mario Xavier Carrasco
Mario Xavier Carrasco

ThinkNow ConneKt is the only profiling and segmentation tool that includes true samples of multicultural consumers to create robust representative samples of US households across the nation. The data is constantly being updated and combined with a machine-learning algorithm to provide more sophisticated online targeting. The sample for ThinkNow ConneKtuses a tri-frame data design:

  • Mobile tracking. Websites visited, GPS, search strings and apps used.
  • First-party data. More than 1.5 million data points gathered across thousands of surveys.
  • Panel profile data. Zip code, age, gender, ethnicity, acculturation and language.

Data is collected through multiple points including surveys and a proprietary app called ThinkNow Knowy that tracks user behavior. The omnichannel focus of multicultural consumers is the real value of ThinkNow ConneKt to develop more effective digital strategies targeting the Hispanic and multicultural market.

ThinkNow ConneKt Turns Data into Insights

ThinkNow recently partnered with Google’s Multicultural team to provide data on Hispanic vs. non-Hispanic search differences and similarities to sell access to their multicultural search audiences more effectively. Through ThinkNow Knowy, the team collected more than 2.5 million page views and logged 170,000 search results in a two-week timeframe to get a better understanding of online behavior for these cohorts.

Dr. Jake Beniflah
Dr. Jake Beniflah

“ThinkNow ConneKt has the ability to turn the syndicated research industry on its head. The ConneKt platform is built on AI-technology turning data into insights in a matter of seconds,” says Dr. Jake Beniflah, head of insights and foresights at mitú, a leading social media company. “Media planners will save hours analyzing hundreds of rows and columns of data that often times yield littler or no value.”

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