Quivers Launches New In-store and Curbside Pickup, Integrated with Major eCommerce Platforms, including Magento and Shopware

Quivers Advances Click-and-Collect Fulfillment for Specialty Brands by Enabling In-Store and Curbside Capabilities Integrated with Popular eCommerce Platforms

Quivers, the leading commerce platform for specialty brands and retailers today announced that their in-store and curbside pickup fulfillment features are now integrated with major ecommerce platforms including Magento 2 and Shopware 5.

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With Quivers’ new click-and-collect style features now integrated into major ecommerce platforms, brands can easily and seamlessly deploy in-store and curbside pickup with their external retailers and independent specialty retail network (as well as corporate-owned stores) as part of their existing ecommerce platform.

Quivers is the central nervous system connecting brands’ commerce stack across online shopping and physical fulfillment.

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“Click-and-collect fulfillment lets brands meet specialty consumers’ desire to purchase online directly from their favorite brands, but to then pick up in person at their local retailer and get things like fittings and assembly,” said Ben Barenholtz, VP Marketing at Quivers. “With unique features like this, Quivers is becoming the central nervous system that connects brands’ commerce stack across online shopping and physical fulfillment.”

In-store Pickup Now Integrated Natively into Major Ecommerce Platforms

Previously, brands could somewhat offer in-store pickup at their corporate-owned stores, but faced difficult technological obstacles when doing so, especially when trying to deploy pickup options with their external retailers.

With Quivers’ newest In-store and Curbside Pickup features for ecommerce platforms, brands can now improve the ecommerce experience by serving the consumer in-store fulfillment options at checkout. With this solution, brands are able to capture the sale online, meet the consumer desire of in-store pickup, and generate real post-purchase foot traffic for external retailers.

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  • Increase Ecommerce Sales. Brands can increase sales by meeting the demand of consumers who decide to make a purchase based on in-store pickup availability. (50% of consumers say they decide where to shop online based on whether or not they can pick-up in-store.)
  • Expand eCommerce Product Offering. Brands can sell products online for local fulfillment that may not be available to ship DTC (too large, too expensive, setup/training required, regulations, etc.)
  • Increase Average Order Volume. Consumers who are already making some purchases on brands’ websites typically have additional products they want to buy, but don’t, because they have an urgent need or want to avoid delivery fees, and leave these items out of cart.
  • Increase Foot Traffic to Physical Retailers and Increase Sell-in and Sell-through. In-store pickup means brands drive inventory turnover in their retail network by leveraging the selling power of their ecommerce site but connected to local in-store fulfillment.

Accurate In-store Pickup is Made Possible with Quivers Marketing-Leading Point-of-Sale Inventory Sync

Crucially, Quivers’ click-and-collect features are driven by the platform’s native Point-of-Sale Inventory Sync technology. This leading inventory sync capability pulls real-time inventory information from the retail network, via Quivers POS system integrations, and syncs it to the brand’s ecommerce site. This ensures in real-time the accuracy of product availability for pickup at the point of consumer product selection and online checkout.

With Quivers’ Point-of-Sale Inventory Sync, brands can serve ecommerce options, like in-store pickup far more often, based on clean, updated inventory data from retailers and be confident that the product is in stock and available for pickup at the physical location.

Quivers In-store and Curbside Pickup for Magento and Shopware

Quivers’ in-store and curbside pickup integration for both Magento 2 and Shopware 5 are available now—Magento and Shopware customers can now install the Quivers Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) plugin to complement the standard Quivers plugin.

With this latest feature release, Quivers continues to lead the industry in specialty online commerce tools and after-purchase local fulfillment with physical retailers.

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