MarTech Interview with Eddie Porrello, Director of Product at Amber Engine

MarTech Series caught up with Eddie Porrello, Director of Product at Amber Engine to chat about a few top of mind B2B eCommerce and data optimization trends:



Welcome to this martech chat Eddie, tell us more about the Amber Engine platform?

Amber AI is an AI-powered product data optimization tool for brands selling on Amazon. It combines Junction AI’s artificial intelligence and algorithmically derived insights with Amber Engine’s Product Information Management to quickly identify areas of improvement and enable brands to put those suggestions into practice.

Can you talk about a few successful product road map strategies (proven strategies!) you’ve seen leaders in tech use?

Road maps are great, but I can share the most insight on what the brands we serve are doing in the market. Understanding that informs the best product road map decisions. To that end, successful e-commerce brands are constantly watching Amazon trends and evaluating and re-evaluating their product strategy to take advantage of emerging trends to make product design and marketing decisions. By monitoring their performance, as well as that of their most successful competitors, they are able to optimize and improve their products and product data to win share.

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What are some top considerations new SaaS companies should be focusing on when building out a product roadmap?

When developing a product roadmap, the most important consideration, by far, is to understand the market needs and current space. By involving customers and prospects in the development process via interviews and by gathering constant feedback throughout ideation, you give yourself a much better chance of delivering a product that resonates with your target audience and delivers real value.

What are some best practices that you feel marketers need to follow to support this initiative using relevant intelligence and insights?

Today, it’s critical that marketers and e-commerce professionals have an organizational strategy for data management and optimization. By taking advantage of tools such as Amber AI, marketers can quickly filter through the noise to find the important and valuable nuggets of insight that can make a huge difference in performance.

A few predictions that you have for the future of martech and salestech?

As the world becomes more digital, inter-connected and noisy, marketers and e-commerce professionals need to adapt and leverage data and artificial intelligence tools to sift through mountains of information and identify the key insights that will drive conversions or leads.

Some last thoughts and takeaways for marketing leaders and CMOs/CEOs?

It is more important than ever to organize and establish a data management strategy for your business. Centralizing, organizing, optimizing, and sharing your product data with business partners is critical in an increasingly digital world.

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Amber Engine

Amber Engine helps suppliers get where they want to go with a range of e-commerce solutions

Eddie Porrello is the Director of Product at Amber Engine

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