Comments and Collaboration Features Now Available in Onvia 8

Teams Can Optimize Their Workflows With The Ability To Quickly And Easily Exchange Comments, Share Information And Collaborate On Pursuits Related To A Specific Project Or Lead Within Onvia 8

Onvia, the leading provider of sales intelligence and acceleration technologies for businesses selling to the public sector, announced the release of new comment features available within Onvia 8.

Onvia 8

Onvia 8 is a sales intelligence and acceleration platform that enables businesses of all sizes to easily distribute leads to their team or existing CRM, saving time in the lead qualification and management process. With this release, teams can optimize their workflows by quickly and easily exchanging comments, sharing information and collaborating on pursuits related to a specific project or lead, all managed centrally within Onvia 8.

“We are always researching ways to optimize the workflows of our clients, and we identified a need for more collaboration capabilities across teams, departments, functions and channels to streamline decisions around pursuing a lead,” said Chris Woerner, SVP of Product at Onvia. “These features give users the ability to provide status updates, make decisions or give more information and context around a given project, bid or RFP. Users can also edit or delete their comments at any time and their team can receive automatic notifications via e-mail alerts.”

New “Comments” Features Enable Collaboration with Teams Across Departments, Functions and Channels

The core of Onvia’s users include field teams and decision makers on the go. They often begin their day reviewing leads they receive through Onvia’s daily email notifications, and progress to qualify leads in Onvia’s cloud-based search portal. They are often busy, short on time and looking for ways to streamline their government contract pursuits.

These new features enhance the way users interact with the public sector sales intelligence available in Onvia 8’s intuitive user interface. Clients like U.S. Bank and VSS International already use Onvia 8 to easily identify critical project details and documents to make efficient lead qualification decisions. The new collaboration features allow them to save even more time in their workflows by giving users an easy way to share information, context and decision criteria to team members across departments (such as sales and marketing) and channels (such as dealers, distributors, resellers and partners).


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