ON24 Calls on European Marketers to Redefine Engagement for the Modern Buyer at the First-Ever Webinar World London

ON24 Convenes Europe’s Most Innovative Marketers To Discuss Data-Driven Engagement Marketing Strategies That Build Customer Relationships And Drive Company Revenue

According to Forrester, 74% of today’s business buyers research online before ever talking to sales. In the era of the self-educated buyer, it’s imperative for marketers to develop engaging experiences that go beyond the superficial click and form a human connection.

With over 750 European marketers registered for the inaugural Webinar World London, the event focuses on the “Art and Science of Marketing” through data-driven engagement marketing strategies. The conference programme features marketing experts, including thought leaders from B2B Marketing, IBM, ON24, Oracle and SAP, sharing ways to personalize, scale and enrich engagement with customers and prospects through webinar marketing.

Joe Hyland
Joe Hyland

“It’s time for marketers to stop fooling ourselves that simply adopting automation technologies is enough to engage the modern buyer. We have to redefine engagement by the quality, not just the quantity, of our interactions and the level of customer intelligence they provide,” says Joe Hyland, CMO, ON24. “At ON24, we’ve developed our webinar marketing platform to do just that – enable businesses to engage their audience in interactive, contextual-rich digital experiences that uncover sales-ready leads. Webinar World London builds on our commitment to help marketers across the globe put engagement first and increase their business impact.”

ON24 Webinar World London caps a year of successful conferences, including sold-out events in San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore. Through the Webinar World conferences, ON24 continues to advance the conversation around engaging and converting today’s modern buyer.

ON24’s Content Gateway houses on-demand webinars, videos, white papers and podcasts in a centralized engagement hub that puts the right content at the fingertips of customers to explore on their own terms. And, with the Content Gateway Management Service, content is automatically refreshed, helping marketers deliver and delight customers with their newest, most powerful material. Every single interaction is tracked and seamlessly integrated into a company’s CRM and marketing automation system providing the behavioral data that marketers need to identify sales-ready leads and accelerate pipeline.

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