Pictalk Launches Social Media Platform in North America

New Pictalk social media site offers secure, ad free, multi-feed experience

Pictalk is excited to announce its official launch in North America on July 15, 2021. Pictalk is a multi-feed, ad-free social network, designed from the ground up with users in mind. The platform has been in development since 2016, now having gone through numerous production and beta user group testing phases to improve platform functionality and stability. With its most recent production phase completed, Pictalk is now ready to be launched to the general public throughout the U.S., with additional international launches to come at a later date.

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Pictalk’s mission is to put the control of social media back into the hands of its users, moving away from the current standard of ad congested, algorithmically controlled platforms; however, Pictalk is designed to be more than simply an alternative to current popular social media sites. Because of its user-first focus, Pictalk is structured around a multi-feed layout that combines and improves on the most popular features and capabilities found in numerous other leading social media sites. This makes the jump to using Pictalk not just about being different, but better.

The Pictalk platform benefits and features include:

  • Multi-platform structure – Connections, Collections, and Crosstalk. Users have multiple ways to share, connect, and discuss ideas and topics with other users.
  • Ad-free – Pictalk does not share user data or provide it for paid advertising purposes.
  • Privacy – Your content is yours and only shared with the friends and followers you choose to show it to. It is never sold to third parties for any usage inside or outside the site.
  • Full content distribution – content is distributed to all followers and friends, always.
  • As the site grows beyond its launch phase, numerous new features are being planned, including – Stories, Live Streaming, Pages, Verified Status, and more.

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