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3DLOOK Rolls Out Body Shape Analytics To Help Apparel Companies Tackle The Problem Of Poor Fit

3DLOOK is rolling out body shape analytics as an advanced feature to their size and fit recommendation solutions to help brands and manufacturers better align their products with actual customer body shape data to reduce waste and returns. With the new feature, companies will now receive analysis on both measurement and body shape data of their actual customer base, to identify high opportunity groups. This segmented data can be used to adjust grade rules to create better fitting products and to optimize inventory planning…

Gerber Partners with 3DLOOK to Offer Unique Digital Customer Experience

Offer the ultimate experience of the end-to-end supply chain remotely Gerber Technology and 3DLOOK, The Body Data Platform are proud to announce their partnership and integration to offer a fully-connected, digital remote supply chain experience. In a retail world in which fit is essential and working remotely due to the COVID-19 situation is the new normal, this partnership will facilitate consumers receiving personalized, high-quality garments by leveraging a fully connected, on-demand workflow. To support demand…