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Acorn International Establishes Acorn Digital Services

Social Media and Digital Services Agency under Acorn International to Target Broader Range of Brands Seeking to Maximize Their Business in China Acorn International, Inc. ("Acorn" or the "Company"), a leading marketing and branding company in China, announced that it has consolidated under Acorn Digital Services the following business units: Acorn Entertainment ("AE") and Acorn Streaming, which are Acorn's social media management business and digital content business, respectively, as well as A-KOL (standing for "Acorn…

Acorn International’s Acorn Entertainment Client Base Now Spans Sports, Film / Television and Music

Acorn Entertainment announces it has expanded its client base to now cover US sports, film, television, and music celebrity talent as well as brands looking to expand their presence in China. AE provides a full suite of online and offline, multichannel and multimedia promotional services to individual celebrity talent as well as brand clients, primarily from the US, who seek to maximize their brands in China and increase their monetization ratios from social media engagement. "Building upon the success of our recent…