Acorn International’s Acorn Entertainment Client Base Now Spans Sports, Film / Television and Music

Acorn Entertainment announces it has expanded its client base to now cover US sports, film, television, and music celebrity talent as well as brands looking to expand their presence in China. AE provides a full suite of online and offline, multichannel and multimedia promotional services to individual celebrity talent as well as brand clients, primarily from the US, who seek to maximize their brands in China and increase their monetization ratios from social media engagement.

“Building upon the success of our recent campaigns for US sports and film celebrities in China, we continue to add new, high-profile clients to our roster,” said Brittany Li, head of Client Acquisition at Acorn Entertainment. “Our core goal with each of our clients is to increase the value of their IP in China, and over time increase their ‘Monetization Ratio’ (namely the ratio of income generated from social media engagement relative to the size of the social media engagement).”

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Jacob A. Fisch, CEO and President of Acorn International , the parent company of Acorn Entertainment stated, “Since launching Acorn Entertainment last year, we have seen strong interest in our brand building services in China from brands and celebrities thanks to our team’s successful execution to date. We continue to focus on expanding this business to include additional clients in a diverse range of industries and geographies in the months ahead, while continuing to maintain a primary focus on representing US celebrity and brand clients from the Entertainment space in China.”

Acorn Entertainment uses technology and data-driven solutions to help western brands gain traction in China. The company is a subsidiary of Acorn International.

Co-founded in 1998 by Executive Chairman Robert Roche, Acorn is a marketing and branding company in China with a proven track record of developing, promoting and selling a diverse portfolio of proprietary-branded products, as well as well-established and promising new products from third parties. Its business is currently comprised of two main divisions, its direct sales platforms and its distribution network.

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