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Kibo Announces AdLink to Personalize the Post-Click Experience

Kibo’s Monetate connects targeted advertising with personalized marketing Kibo, a leader in cloud commerce, announced the release of AdLink, a new audience creation tool that enables marketers to efficiently personalize the onsite experience for traffic from paid media campaigns. With personalization from Monetate, Kibo empowers retailers to break down traditional silos between marketing and advertising and bridge the gap between the pre- and post-click experiences for consumers. By managing these two sections of the…

Leading Ad-Tech Platform, AdLoop, Launches AdLink to Enhance Geo-Targeting in Advertising Industry

Tracking Platform Offers Smarter, More Efficient Tool for Advertisers in Ad-Tech and Cannabis Ecosystems to Commit to Brand Safety AdLoop, a leading advertising technology platform servicing both enterprise companies and consumer brands, today announced the launch of AdLink, a new tool that allows advertisers the ability to effectively target consumers for digital consumption. Coming off the heels of cannabis legalization in Canada, as well as in various parts of the United States, AdLink enables brands in both countries…
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