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AI-driven prediction platform

TechBytes with Nima Mirbakhsh, CTO at Morphio

Tell us about the team and technology you handle at Morphio. We have a nimble and highly motivated team of Digital Marketers, Software Engineers, and Data Scientists. We’re working together to change the way Agencies and Marketing teams approach digital data and decision making. Core AI technologies include TensorFlow for anomaly detection and forecasting. We also integrate a handful of  ‘off the shelf’ scalable technologies and custom technologies that we have created to protect digital marketers against their unexpected…

MarTech Interview with Eric Vardon, CEO at Morphio

"The important part when not falling into a trend, is to stick with what you know while aiming to cut through and connect to your audience." Could you tell us about your journey in technology and how you started at Morphio? Since the early 80’s and my first Atari Computer, I have been a closet nerd that loves progressive technology. In the founding days of building one of  North America's fastest-growing Marketing Technology agencies, it became apparent that the size and complexity of Digital Marketing spending was…