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4 Step Guide for Marketing Your Mobile App Online

Developing a mobile app is a lot of work. From concept to design to implementation, you’ve likely spent countless hours working on this app, and now you’re finally ready to release it to the world. Ideally, your app would be so great that word of mouth alone will help it to spread. However, even though your app is great, this isn’t likely to happen. Just because you’re done with app development doesn’t mean your work is over. There is still plenty left to do to market your app, so don’t kick back and relax just yet. To…

Account-Based Marketing vs. Inbound Approach: 7 Differences to Keep in Mind

Is there a middle way to deal with the two marketing approaches? Many marketers believe that the two approaches cannot coexist in a single company as it would be hard to implement them due to their various differences. On the other side, some believe that one does not exclude the other since each can benefit the company in its own way. The simplest mode to get an idea regarding the difference between inbound and account-based marketing is simply by comparing their sales funnels. Two opposite sales funnels. Despite…