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TechBytes with Manish Gupta, Senior Applied Scientist at

Dr. Gupta, how are you working with technologies like AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing at, an Amazon subsidiary that provides marketers with SEO and Competitive Intelligence tools? We use Machine Learning to surface common audiences between different websites. This allows customers to analyze what their peer set is doing and what kind of content interests their audience. We are also developing tools using patented AI and NLP technologies to help marketers get a better idea of what content… Unveils New Branding Gap Analysis to Boost SEO And SEM Efforts

New Gap Analysis Tools  from Would Help Marketers Capitalize on Their Competitors' Successful Search Strategies Adding to its suite of competitive analytics tools, has enabled gap analyses that give marketers a shortcut to finding opportunities to help improve search performance and brand awareness. With the introduction of Competitor Backlink Checker and new updates to Competitor Keyword Matrix, marketers can now uncover and close any gaps in their keyword and backlink strategy that competitors have…