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Version 4.1 Of Appinium’s All-In-One Salesforce App Gets Major Admin Updates

Salesforce users who want real-time sales enablement, marketing, learning, and customer-service data - all in one place - now have even more tools and functionality The only suite of native Salesforce marketing and sales-enablement apps designed to drive behavior by correlating data to results is getting a significant update. Version 4.1 adds tools that make it even easier for admins to create effective learning content, streamline scheduling, and manage teams more effectively. It also includes new video capabilities and…

Appinium Announces Major Update to the Most Effective Way for Salesforce Users to Leverage Video, Multimedia, and Learning

Appinium's technology makes them the only option for Salesforce users who want real-time marketing, sales enablement, learning and customer-service data, all in one place While there are currently multiple sales-enablement and video marketing options on the Salesforce platform, Appinium is the only one that offers comprehensive marketing, sales enablement, customer-success, and learning data build natively on Salesforce. Their ViewTrac app allows Salesforce users to view a wide range of data for video, podcasts,…