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Atlas Protocol Joins IAB Tech Lab Blockchain Working Group

Atlas Protocol (ATP) officially announced its joining of the Interactive Advertising Bureau Technology Lab (IAB Tech Lab) and its Blockchain Working Group. It will work with Google, Amazon and others on blockchain interactive advertising technology standards. Atlas team, the world's leading provider of blockchain advertising technology services, has successfully developed Atlas Interactive Ads product platform. With the intention of building a new blockchain interactive advertising marketing infrastructure, this…

Atlas Protocol – New Blockchain Advertising Project by xGoogler Blockchain Alliance

Former Google Engineers Cheng Li and Duran Liu Announced the Launch of Blockchain Advertising Project, Atlas Protocol, a Decentralized Digital Marketing Protocol Built on the Nebulas Public Blockchain Last week New York City saw the launch of Atlas Protocol, a new blockchain advertising project by xGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA). A first application-layer protocol developed by Nebulas, Atlas Protocol, leverages the open source blockchain platform’s decentralized PageRank algorithm. The Vision Duran Liu, the…