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How Do We Deal with the Challenges of Attribution? Keep it Real and Keep it Actionable

As martech professionals, we share a strident pursuit of the perfect attribution formula, which has arguably become one of the most united quests in all of modern marketing. At the same time, we certainly can acknowledge its limitations. Discussions during the AttributionCouncil working group at I-COM Global surfaced the consensus that, even as the industry pursues or provides guidance on “mastery,” the perpetually increasing complexity of media platforms and KPIs can make the mission to achieve precise attribution feel…

TechBytes with Randy Frisch, CMO, Uberflip

Tell us about your vision for ABM and the role it plays in the current Marketing-Sales alignment. Talking vision in ABM these days is tricky; where do you begin with something so hot and so new? I think of ABM in a very simple way: what are the accounts that we want to win and how are we going to win them as an organization? Historically, a lot of us thought that marketing should be responsible for simply finding accounts and then sales should be responsible for closing those accounts. The vision of ABM is really…