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Top 5 Adobe Marketo Updates for Every CRM Specialist

It was on 20 September 2018 when Adobe announced that it is acquiring a B2B martech company - Marketo. In the last eighteen months, numerous Adobe Marketo updates have transformed martech offerings to better match Adobe's larger vision of delivering unified, real-time, and hyper-personalized customer experience. The unique amalgamation of CRM expertise and data science sits right at the center of Adobe's industry-leading Experience Cloud. And, that's why we decided to take a magnified look into some of the recent Adobe…

Primer Series: The Marketing Attribution Ladder

While the marketing ecosystem continues to evolve at a dramatic pace, the crux of every business remains unchanged. That is, to improve satisfaction across the customer journey. The art and science of Marketing Attribution exemplifies this objective. Read the full blog here.Subscribe to our Infographics and Primer Series to get familiar with the latest in Marketing, Sales and Customer Support. Write to us at to share your insights.

MarTech Primer: Sales Enablement Definitions, Tools, and Techniques- Part 1

Today, we have over 75+ Sales Enablement vendors and enablers who help B2B Sales companies better manage their Sales operations. In this MarTech primer on Sales Enablement definitions, we have tried to provide the current context of enabling every B2B Marketing team with the relevant tools and information. What is Sales Enablement? Various departments in the company could use Enablement techniques for a wide array of purposes to sell its ideas, insights, services, and products. In a purely SaaS or Cloud economy, we would…

DealSignal Releases A New Total Audience Measurement Module

New Total Audience Measurement (TAM) Module Helps Marketing and Sales Teams Improve Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Conversion Rates by Increasing Coverage Across Their Total Addressable Market DealSignal Inc, the leading On-demand Contact Data Platform for B2B Marketing and Sales, today released a new total audience measurement (TAM) module that helps B2B marketing and sales teams accurately measure and visualize their total audience and compare it against the current coverage in their CRM and marketing automation systems…