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Data Attribution: A Key to Successful ABM Execution

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) in simple terms is pursuing a few chosen logos in your customer base and finding ways to make it happen. If you look closely, sales teams have always had an account-based mindset, they chased specific accounts. And the modern-day marketing with the advent of AI has made it completely data-driven. However, if one doesn’t get data attribution right, then your approach to ABM becomes random despite relying on data. In the context of ABM, data attribution refers to identifying the right set of…

EverString Data Platform Unveiled for Greater Agility in B2B Marketing, Sales, and Ops

Everstring's Data Platform Will Solve the Problems Arising from Bad Data Flowing into Machine Learning and Analytics Systems or Directly to Front-Line Sales and Marketing Users Leading B2B predictive analytics and sales intelligence platform, EverString, launched the EverString Data Platform. The Platform would set a new standard for clean, reliable data that is constantly refreshed, improved, and expands, in real time. The platform is designed to give B2B sales, marketing, operations, and advanced analytics teams…