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Orders365 App by Balluun: Order Capturing and Product Catalogue on the Go

Balluun enriches its B2B Market Network solution. Anywhere and anytime, sales representatives have now access to the complete product catalogue and inventory with search and filters for an efficient sales visit in an app. As part of the Balluun365(TM) white-label social e-commerce platform, Balluun launches Orders365 - contributing more agility and efficiency into the B2B buying and selling process, and offering a seamless integration and synchronization with the web-based marketplace. Orders365, launched first as an…

Social E-commerce Powered by Balluun Now Even More Powerful

The launch of Balluun365 Strengthens Mobile Footprint and Improved User Experience Across All Marketplaces  The leading provider of B2B social e-commerce worldwide, Balluun has significantly strengthened its mobile footprint and improved user experience across all its online marketplaces with the latest Balluun365 release. In focus are optimizing conversion, the customizability of each platform and the overall user experience to better serve thousands of wholesalers and drive their sales even more effectively. For over…