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Are Buyer Personas Really Over-hyped or Underused?

Quick, name the most hyped Marketing practice or process of the last three years. My money is probably on ABM, but a close second might be buyer persona research. At this point, any marketer worth their three-letter acronym vocabulary has thrown together some buyer persona research. But are they over-hyped? Should we move past them in 2020? My answer is a resounding NO! Primary research into what buyers are thinking, feeling, and doing in each stage of the buyer journey is essential. How else can you create a Marketing…

Five Best Practices for Successful People-Based Marketing

The CMO of Acxiom Explains How The Most Modern People-Based Marketing Platform Uses Datapoints From Multiple Channels to Break Down Traditional Data Silos and Get All Parts of the Marketing Stack Working Together The term “people-based marketing” is relatively new, but the concept behind it is grounded in more than 50 years of marketing practices and ongoing innovation. Marketers have always wanted to reach their customers with the most relevant message based on what they know. What’s new in the past few years is…