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Federal Government Websites More Important Than Ever for Serving the Public

This year's release of CFI Group's 2020 Government Websites report comes at a time when use of government websites is unprecedented due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Never have government websites served such a vital role in providing critical information to the public. At the same time, the 2020 Census has moved online and is being used to collect the data crucial for lawmaker decision-making. With extraordinary reliance on government websites to provide and collect high quality, reliable information, it's…

New Retail Report: Customers Are Looking for More Value Out of Loyalty Programs

63% of retail customers say offering faster delivery influences signing up for loyalty membership A new retail report by CFI Group and Radial shows that 38% of customers generally avoid participating in retail loyalty programs. Many customers just don't see enough value being offered in loyalty programs to make it worth joining. Retailers have an obvious incentive to add more customers to their loyalty programs. Our study shows that retail loyalty members are 12% more satisfied, 10% more loyal, and 13% more willing to…