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50 Questions You Should Ask To Test Your Preparedness Against a Pandemic-induced Lockdown

If you are planning your pandemic preparedness plan against the backdrop of ongoing COVID-19 lockdown, here is a list of 50 questions that would help your cause. It’s aimed to benefit a CIO or a Chief Security Officer, in addition to enabling every CXO to strive to become a Chief Pandemic Officer in the organization. Questions 1-9: Remote Workforce Management Questions 10-15: Communications, and Access Control Questions 16-25: Customer Support Questions 26-35: IT Security and War Preparation Have you empowered…

Hire a Chief Pandemic Officer Today or Become One!

Why you Need a Chief Pandemic Officer Today! It took a while for the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare COVID-19 a global pandemic. And, it’s clearly taking tech companies (actually, much longer than we expected) to come to terms with the dangers of this pandemic lingering on and on, with no visible signs of vaccination as yet. That’s troubling us, especially when we are seeing a gargantuan wave of fake news, security breaches, 5G info-demic, and Video bombing risking the very fate of digitization we thought would…