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Cody Bender

Voice Technology: What It Means for Digital Marketers

As the field of Digital Marketing is constantly evolving, emerging technologies can have a powerful impact on the industry. Voice technology seems poised to become the next great disruptor, but there’s still a lot of discussion around how Voice technology will affect the various Digital Marketing platforms and to what extent. The State of Voice Technology Recently, Campaign Monitor surveyed more than 400 people on the ways they use Voice technology and found that the adoption of it is growing, with 78% of respondents…

TechBytes with Cody Bender, Chief Product Officer at Campaign Monitor

Tell us about your role and the team/technology you handle at Campaign Monitor. I am the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of CM Group, a family of MarTech brands, including Campaign Monitor. In this role, I work across CM Group brands to improve the email campaign experience for both senders and recipients by driving the latest innovations in our product offerings. I guide the development of impactful new products, features, and services in our product portfolio. To do this, my aim is to continue to create and support highly…