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MarTech Interview with Alexandr Galkin, Co-Founder and CEO at Competera

"AI can process millions of data points, detect the correlation between them, see the patterns no one can see, and use all of these to offer proper insights for the right decisions." Could you let us know your journey into technology? What inspired you to start Competera? I’ve always wanted to get away from my past in Consultancy. I remember how it took consultants a lot of time and money to generate the same price and promo recommendations based on econometrics, mathematical statistics and sales forecast for different…

MarTech Interview with Anna Belous, CMO at Competera

"AI is famous for ensuring fast results. I believe it will be fully embedded in our daily routine regardless of industry. In retail, AI is likely to influence pricing heavily as it is the area which can bring the fastest ROI once optimized" Could you tell us about your current role and your journey to Competera? What inspired you to join the company? As CMO at Competera, I am in-charge of the “gold” Marketing strategy, the company’s scaling and recognition across our key markets. Our Marketing team helps Competera…