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Marketing to Gen Z

Gen Z – the generation born after 1995 – has long mystified marketers. Rumored to have low attention spans, the case may be that marketers just aren’t producing content that’s attention-grabbing enough for this portion of the population. The oldest members of this group are just graduating college and will soon join the corporate working force with expendable income to boot. Making up 25% of the population, building brand loyalty with Gen Zers is imperative to the future success of any brand In order to reach this…

Custora Releases New Customer Intelligence Platform to Drive Consumer Loyalty

Custora announced the release of Custora v10, the latest version of its customer intelligence platform designed to help retailers take control of critical customer challenges like churn, one-time buyer conversion, and promotion reduction. Most retailers recognize that winning lasting customer loyalty is more essential than ever to their long-term survival. However, marketers often find themselves overwhelmed by the number of competing priorities and frustrated by an increasingly complex technology stack. A marketing…