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New Research Reveals That Understanding Customer Emotions is a Key Driver of Business Predictability for Brands

Study Commissioned by Focusvision Shows Feeling Is 1.5x More Impactful in Influencing Purchasing Decision and Brand Loyalty Than Any Other Factor A Forrester Consulting research study commissioned by the leading provider of customer insights technology, FocusVision, investigates the motivations underlying customer decision-making. The study, How Customers Think, Feel, And Act: The Paradigm Of Business Outcomes, identified that the way customers think and feel about a brand predicts why they act, empowering brands to…

FocusVision and InnerView Group Partner on New Research Study That Finds Brand Message Dilution Costs Companies $10 Million or More Per Year

Fifty-Nine Percent of Respondents Agree That Their Brand Story is Being Diluted Before Reaching Buyers Launching, a research study authored by leading provider of customer insights technology, FocusVision and strategic marketing firm, InnerView Group, highlights the high cost to businesses when there is inconsistency between marketing messaging and its front-line employees. In 2018, companies were on pace to devote $207 billion to marketing and advertising in the US, an increase of 5.2% over 2017 (MANGA, 2018). But when…