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Forrester’s US 2020 Customer Experience Index Reveals CX Quality Improved Dramatically Over The Past Year

27% Of Brands And Nine Industries Achieved Significantly Higher Scores; CX Differentiation Is The Key To Post-Pandemic Success According to Forrester's US 2020 Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) rankings, 27% of brands improved their CX Index scores over the past year, a significant jump compared to previous years marked by minimal gains. Factors contributing to the increase in scores this year include CX professionals prioritizing high-impact projects, securing executive buy-in, evangelizing CX projects across the…

Retailers Still Struggle To Provide Consumers With High Quality Customer Experiences, According To Forrester’s CX Index

Forrester Ranked 53 Multichannel and Digital Retailers in Its 2018 Customer Experience Index, Finding That Average CX Quality Remained Stagnant or Declined Since 2017. Brands must focus on providing high-quality customer experience (CX) to gain loyalty, but retailers are missing the mark: According to Forrester's US 2018 Customer Experience Index (CX Index), multichannel retailers' CX quality remained flat, and 36% of digital retailers' scores decreased significantly since last year. Contrary to popular…