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Building Better Data Management Practices Against Consumer Privacy Concerns

In the age of Brexit, GDPR and Cambridge Analytica scandals, CMOs are finding it harder to navigate effective data management, especially as consumer privacy concerns continue to grow. In fact, some CMOs say their businesses are losing millions of dollars every year due to poor data handling skills, a new survey revealed. Silverbullet’s new report Whose data is it anyway? How UK marketers navigate data management as consumer privacy concerns grow, surveyed 100 UK CMOs and a wealth of consumers to uncover the ongoing…

More Than Half of Execs Say They Can’t Identify Sensitive Data Leakage

Reports of data security breaches have reached all-time highs, with the rise in data incidents mapping directly to efforts within enterprises to scale up their customer touchpoints and personal information collection. Unfortunately, according to a recent Ensighten survey of 200 marketing, security, IT and corporate executives, today’s executives still don’t feel prepared when it comes to shoring up their organizations’ breach vulnerabilities. Across multiple portions of our survey, which set out to gauge data security…