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CCPA Is a Major Moment for Data Privacy in This Country

The law that granted data privacy rights back to California consumers is finally enforceable starting. Now, it’s up to consumers to take advantage of their new data rights. "This is a major moment for data privacy in this country,” said Harry Maugans, CEO of Privacy Bee. “We are acting as a watchdog and plan on leveraging this law and its enforcement powers to ensure companies are complying with data deletion requests for our customers.” Privacy Bee, which launched in June with the purpose of fighting for consumers to…

It’s Time for Brands to Be Good Guys in the Consumer Data Privacy Relationship

Consumers are starting to understand the value of their digital data, and it’s time for brands to step up and be the good guys of privacy and data rights. The average citizen is becoming aware that their digital identity is used for targeted advertising. They are beginning to understand the value exchange between the companies collecting their data and the companies buying their data. They’re also realizing, after high-profile data breaches and data misuse like Cambridge Analytica, that they’re not in control of that…