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ActiveOps Acquires OpenConnect to Enhance Its Market Leading Digital Operations Management Solutions and Expand US Operations

UK headquartered ActiveOps Ltd, a leader in digital operations management solutions announced the completion of its acquisition of OpenConnect Inc, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The acquisition will enhance the capabilities of the Workware software suite by incorporating OpenConnect's unique data capture technology. ActiveOps customers will gain new operations performance insights and automate data collection activities without the need for complex interfaces as a result of OpenConnect's process discovery encompassing…

PagerDuty Event Intelligence Unveiled to Improve Machine Learning-Based Digital Operations Management

PagerDuty Event Intelligence is an¬†Industry-first SaaS Product Combines Real-Time Data, Human Response Data, and Machine Learning to Improve Digital Operations PagerDuty has announced PagerDuty Event Intelligence, a new product that builds on its market-leading digital operations management platform. PagerDuty Event Intelligence analyzes both incoming digital signals and human response patterns (such as when and how alerts are resolved by responders) and uses automation to identify issues quickly and take action on critical…