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Top 5 Things to Know About Your B2B Prospects

Do you know where your prospects are? More importantly, do you know what they’re doing and what they want from you? More automated and digital-first B2B purchasing processes are here to stay. As a result, data has never been more important for you – or for your future clients. Data-driven and digital tactics can facilitate top-of-the-funnel prospecting, help relationships grow and make the purchasing experience more seamless for everyone involved. As data grows in importance for you and your prospects, so too do…

Year Ender 2017: The Best of MTS’ Interview Series-Part 2

A roundup of the best of our Martech Interview Series.  2017 was the year that saw some of the top names in MarTech feature in the Martech Interview Series. As part of our year end specials, we present a recap of some of the best interviews.  Luca Di Persio, Head, Global Marketing Communications, Mosaicoon on the biggest challenge that CMOs need to tackle to make marketing technology work "It’s quite simple: what matters is the power of Data. That’s true both for the strategy and for the tactic. Indeed, Mosaicoon is a…