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Dvir Doron

Interview with Dvir Doron, Chief Marketing Officer, Cedato

"When applied to video, header bidding makes it possible for publishers to monetize more efficiently than ever before." On Marketing Technology MTS: Tell us about your role at Cedato and how you got here? What do you enjoy most about being in video adtech? I joined very early on following an impactful meeting I had Ron Dick, Cedato’s CEO. At the time I was busy working on my own project, but Ron’s positivity, passion and overall vision for the company’s future intrigued me. It seemed like an industry-changing idea and a…

Key Publisher Strategies for Operating in the Programmatic Video Landscape

According to J.P Morgan programmatic video in the US alone is tipped to grow 12% in 2017 compared to 2016 and is growing faster than search. Why is programmatic video so confusing? Despite competition from Google and Facebook, the growth in mobile video and the increase in the number of formats have enabled programmatic video to become the go-to transaction process for most video advertising.  Still, many publishers remain confused by programmatic video processes and technologies. The increasing number of players, rapid…