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How to Automate Marketing Campaigns without Losing Customers

When it comes to really engaging customers, personalization and customization are the current buzzwords. But how can you personalize marketing content if you have tens of thousands of customers and contacts? Automation. Today’s marketing automation tools may help you reach masses, but you can do so in such a way that the message still feels personal. Here are some strategies for leveraging automation for your marketing campaigns. 1. Be More Responsive on Social Media It can be overwhelming to manage multiple social…

4 Ways to Improve Customer Engagement Across All Channels

No matter what industry you’re in, you likely have this problem: capturing your audience’s attention for more than a few seconds. But beyond that, you also want to engage your customers. Get them feeling more invested in your brand. In an era where consumers are exposed to up to 10,000 brand messages a day, it’s become understandably difficult to elbow in for more than a nanosecond. So, how can you engage your customers no matter what the channel? The right technology, paired with savvy strategy, is all you need.…