How to Automate Marketing Campaigns without Losing Customers

Egg MarketingWhen it comes to really engaging customers, personalization and customization are the current buzzwords. But how can you personalize marketing content if you have tens of thousands of customers and contacts?


Today’s marketing automation tools may help you reach masses, but you can do so in such a way that the message still feels personal. Here are some strategies for leveraging automation for your marketing campaigns.

1. Be More Responsive on Social Media

It can be overwhelming to manage multiple social media profiles for your brand. But social media automation tools can cut out a lot of the work. With a single dashboard, you can be logged in to multiple sites. You can schedule social shares rather than having to publish them each manually throughout the day. And you can set up monitoring alerts so that when a customer sends a message or leaves a comment, you can be instantly notified and respond promptly. That way, even if you aren’t on your social media profiles all day long, you can at least seem like you are.

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2. Track Your Marketing Campaigns with a Custom Phone Number

While some marketing channels are easy to measure results from (email, social media, digital ads), others like print ads, commercials, and radio advertising are harder to assess. Using a VoIP phone system, you can create a different phone number for each marketing campaign (all being routed back to you). Looking at your call log, you can see how many people called a given number, which tells you how many people found you through the marketing campaign the number was assigned to.

3. Drive Sales Through Your Email Funnel

Another way to reach the masses with little effort on your own is through Email Marketing. A visitor to your website can sign up to download a free whitepaper. From there, she is entered into your drip campaign and will receive emails on a regular basis that nudge her toward making a purchase. You can customize the offers she receives based on her preference so that she’s more likely to redeem a relevant offer.

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4. Personalized Landing Pages

Digital ads have been getting more and more targeted toward today’s consumer, and now you have the ability to customize the landing page a visitor sees after clicking on an ad. What one visitor sees will be different than what another sees, based on her search behavior. This drives higher conversion rates and ensures the content on the landing page is completely relevant to the visitor.

5. Mobile Offers That Hit the Mark

Mobile is another great marketing channel, and one that can easily be automated. Using mobile wallet, text messaging, and push notifications, customers can customize the offers they receive from you. Also, you can look at mobile campaign results to further personalize offers for each subscriber.

The trick to successful marketing technology is to not make customers feel like just a number. If you take the time to customize your automation campaigns, they can feel like you’re having a 1:1 conversation with each and every customer…even if you have millions.

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