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Behavioral Scoring in Account-Based Advertising

Account-based marketing (ABM) has been around for over a decade, first introduced by ITSMA in 2004. It was created “to help marketers stop generic sales pitches and zero in on the essential needs of their most important clients.” Now, 15 years later, we are finally in a place where companies incorporate ABM into their marketing strategies and budgets. Yet, as with every relatively new technique, many marketers are still struggling with measuring the effectiveness of their ABM campaigns, especially scoring accounts before…

G2 Marks First Million Reviews with Chicago’s Best B2B Tech Companies Reveal

G2 marks milestone by showing Chicago pride and giving a glimpse into the growth of Chicago tech (formerly G2 Crowd), the world's largest B2B tech marketplace for software and services that helps businesses make smarter buying decisions, has launched its ranking of the Top B2B Tech Companies in the Chicago area in partnership with the Illinois Technology Association (ITA). Founded and headquartered in Chicago, G2 created the list to celebrate reaching its first million reviews. The rankings give a glimpse into…