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Why Better Parental Leave Matters for the MarTech Industry

Working in the Marketing Technology space, we’re fortunate to be surrounded by innovation on a daily basis. Ours is an industry that prides itself on continual progress, on early adoption of new technological advances, and on a relentless pursuit of improved insights and solutions. No matter the technology that underpins our solutions, there’s one core asset that all successful Marketing Technology firms share: passionate, productive employees. Our companies are defined by our people, and their success is our success. So,…

What Work Worries Are Keeping Employees up at Night?

As a workforce, we’re stressed out, there’s no denying it. According to PwC, one in three UK employees are working with anxiety, depression or stress. Mental health problems affect around one in six people in any given week. It also doesn’t help that as a nation, the UK has one of the worst work-life balances in Europe. In fact, together - stress, depression and anxiety, are said to represent the second most prevalent self-reported illness caused or made worse by work in the UK. All you need to do is look at the trends in…