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Erich Litch

TechBytes with Erich Litch, President and COO at 2Checkout

“Today most providers stitch a bunch of disparate systems together to get the capabilities they need to offer, but next-generation platforms are gaining ground, becoming the ultimate disrupters.” Digital Transformation journeys are getting complex and advanced with new technologies. Which technologies do you keenly follow and work with? As you can imagine, in our field, digital comes first. We are not only a digital commerce platform, digital goods sales are also a big focus for us. I am very interested in and I…

Hold Onto Your Subscribers and Improve Your Customer Experience While Transitioning From One Payment Provider to Another

It’s no longer breaking news that subscriptions are on the rise, and that growth will only continue. Look at your own family for example; do you know how many subscriptions you currently have? Sure Netflix, Spotify, and a few others come right to mind, but most households have at least a handful more that they pay for each month, as an automatic recurring charge, without giving them much thought. As a marketer of a company selling subscriptions, you want to maintain a frictionless customer experience, to ensure these…