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Interview with Megan J. Browning Kvamme, CEO, FactGem

"The industry is still exploring how AR and VR can transition from the realm of entertainment into more business-oriented applications." Tell us about your role and how you got here. What inspired you to be part of FactGem? I am CEO and Co-Founder of FactGem. My route to the technology field was definitely not typical, but thinking back, I would not have arrived here by any other path. I actually started my career in investment banking. As part of my work, I needed to sift through mountains of data, generally housed in…

TechBytes with Clark Richey, Chief Technology Officer, FactGem

Clark Richey Chief Technology Officer at FactGem The most fundamental thing a company can do is to commit to a data-driven culture. We spoke to Clark Richey, Chief Technology Officer at FactGem, to understand how businesses should unlock the value of their data management platforms for better communication, team performance and marketing ROI.Tell us about your role at FactGem and the team/technology you handle. I am the Co-Founder and CTO of FactGem, a data analytics company. Because we are a lean startup, and I have…