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Why CMOs Should Add Visual Interactive Sales and Marketing to Their MarTech Stacks

With an onslaught of both existing and emerging marketing tools, B2B marketers can easily get stuck in an overwhelming cycle of re-evaluating their marketing technology strategy and MarTech stacks against the next trend. This alone becomes a full-time job and can diminish, instead of enhancing marketing teams’ effectiveness. However, if you are marketing complex products or solutions, it is worth evaluating the addition of a visually interactive application this year. Technologies such as interactive 3D product and…

Interview with Gavin Finn, President and CEO, Kaon Interactive

"By integrating AR experiences into all of Kaon’s applications, the customer can experience a product or 3D scene in Augmented Reality."Tell us about your role and how you got here. What inspired you to be part of Kaon Interactive? I’m honored to be the President and CEO of Kaon. Several years ago, I was asked by the early investors to come in to lead the company, which had created great technology but had not deployed a successful go-to-market strategy. My enthusiasm for the incredible people, the significant value we…