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What We Learned from Our I-COM Blockchain Review

Blockchain is perhaps the era’s favorite new invention. This simple, programmatic solution creates trust among anonymous market players. This new technology is also positioned to clearly have a huge impact on marketplaces across industries everywhere. Yet beyond understanding the technology, many marketers are confused as to the potential scope and application of blockchain technologies to advertising ecosystem. This past year, the I-COM Data Science subcommittee convened a global team of blockchain experts to speak about…

I-Com Global Summit 2018 To Feature Speakers From Warner Bros, Facebook, Vodafone And Unilever

Major Gathering of Marketing Elites Will Take Place at I-COM's Global Summit in San Sebastian, Spain from April 9-12  I-COM announced the line-up of speakers for the I-COM Global Summit 2018. An impressive set of speakers and session hosts from companies such as Acxiom, Facebook, Intel, Lufthansa, Unilever, Vodafone, and Warner Bros, will be joining I-COM at the major marketing event of the year. Andreas Cohen, I-COM Chairman, says that the speakers have an important role to play in telling the story of this year's…