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Dreamforce Interview with Jason Jue, CMO and Co-Founder, Triblio

"Different solutions offer different sets of channels, but what’s absolutely necessary for coordinating ABM is the ability to take in and act on information about target accounts." How has the MarTech landscape changed since the last time you spoke to MarTech Series? This year, when you look around at a trade show, you realize that everyone’s claimed they’re an ABM platform. Marketers are looking at widespread ABM jargon and asking, “so, what do you really do?” The market is forcing vendors to clarify which specific…

Dreamforce TechBytes with Jason Jue, Chief Marketing Officer, Triblio

Jason Jue CMO, Triblio Salesforce Dreamforce is one of the biggest software conferences in the world. In the run-up to this event, we unveil our special TechByte series featuring high-profile Dreamforce attendees and MarTech Champions. We spoke to Jason Jue, CMO, Triblio, to find out his expectations of the event.MTS: What does your agenda for Dreamforce 2017 look like? Jason Jue: I’ll be joining a panel of CXOs on Wednesday morning. Our session will cover “What works and doesn’t in Account Based Marketing.” It’s a…