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Jesse Wolfersberger

AI Beyond 2020: What Makes the Tech Tick?

We thought of starting a new series on what AI roadmaps could look like in 2020. In AI beyond 2020, we discuss the technology ideas, trends, and insights from leaders, analysts, and tech journalists. In a group discussion with our AI “wordsmiths’, we felt bombarded with questions, including– What do you think about AI beyond 2020? Will it make you more dollars? Will your job be easier in 2020? What makes the technology a go-to-topic for discussion among decision-makers?  Who could answer those better than practitioners…

TechBytes with Jesse Wolfersberger, Chief Data Officer, Maritz Motivation Solutions

Jesse Wolfersberger CDO, Maritz Motivation Solutions AI is a powerful force for marketing and sales teams. After finding 'romantic buyers', we had a chance to know another set of customers in the buyer's journey. These are 'Mercenary Loyalists'. To better understand the scope of sales enablement in empowering employees and improving collective dimensions in the business, we spoke to Jesse Wolfersberger, Chief Data Officer at Maritz Motivation Solutions.Tell us about your role at Maritz and the team/technology you handle.…